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Zuchu Heartbroken After Seeing Diamond Platnumz Kiss Fantana

ByBrian Omondi

May 25, 2023
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Zuchu heartbroken , a popular Tanzanian musician, has given her response to reports that her boss and presumed romantic partner, Diamond Platnumz, shared a kiss with Ghanaian vocalist Fantana on the popular reality program Young Famous and African.

Following the on-air studio session, a kiss that occurred has generated buzz throughout the town. Zuchu’s admirers are displeased with the situation, and a fraction of them are advocating for her separation from Diamond.

Zuchu has acknowledged the public display of affection on social media. She shared a picture of herself with the words, “I am not flawless, but I am growing. Moreover, she included the tag.

Zuchu heartbroken

Zuchu was approached by Romy Jons, the sibling of Chibu Dangote, enquiring if she had viewed the reality series.

Zuchu expressed her dissatisfaction with what she witnessed by using vulgar language in her retort, indicating her frustration.

Many have concluded that Diamond is not committed to Zuchu and is open to flirting with other women due to his description of her as merely a coworker when questioned about their relationship.

The future outcome of Zuchu and Diamond’s situation still lies ahead, but the distress caused by it is evident for Zuchu and her supporters.

Zuchu heartbroken

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