Teacher Wanjiku’s Final Chapter: How She Ended Her Marriage

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Teacher Wanjiku’s final chapter, a well-known female stand-up comedian in Kenya, has divorced her ex-husband Victor Ber, with whom she has a 7-year-old kid.

According to recent sources, the comedian has moved on and is now romantically linked to Fredrick Nyambare, a producer of online material.

A new relationship between Teacher Wanjiku and Nyambare has been the subject of rumours, which have been stoked by sightings of the two at various upscale social gatherings in Nairobi.Checking Instagram reveals that Teacher

Wanjiku and Ber are no longer following one another, which fuels rumours that they are divorcing.

Teacher Wanjiku's Final Chapter

Although the precise timing of Teacher Wanjiku and Nyambare’s connection is uncertain, rumours in the social scene imply that it has been developing for some time.

However, Nyambare tweeted pictures of himself and his wife in May of this year to mark their 12 years of marriage and 19 years of being together.

The former Churchill Show producer quickly denied rumours that Teacher Wanjiku and Ber had split up when they first appeared last year.

In a recent interview, Ber adamantly denied any issues in their marriage and insisted that their family was still together and doing well in spite of the rumours.

There is nothing comparable; we are content with our life. What are you saying? We have escaped Corona. At the time, Ber disputed.

The former couple was apparently no longer living together and had stopped wearing their wedding rings, according to close sources cited by the blog.

Ber said that he had stopped wearing his ring since it needed to be adjusted to fit comfortably once more due to his ring finger growing larger.

Ber asserted that she didn’t wear Teacher Wanjiku’s missing ring when performing since it interfered with her ability to be funny.

In Nairobi’s St. Paul’s Catholic Church, teacher Wanjiku and Ber were united in marriage and welcomed Zuri into the world. Nicole, the comedian’s 20-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, is also her child.

Teacher Wanjiku’s Final Chapter: How She Ended Her Marriage.

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