Somalia Bans Tik Tok

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The list of countries banning the use of popular social networking platform TikTok continues to grow, with Somalia becoming the latest country to enforce the ban. Somalia Bans Tik Tok

The move comes as the Somali government is worried about abusing these platforms to spread propaganda and derogatory content, especially in the wake of an impending military attack against the Islamic militant group. Al-Shabab sect.
The Kenyan Parliament recently engaged in an in-depth debate around a petition presented by Bob Ndolo, calling for a ban on TikTok in Kenya.

This petition sparked lengthy discussions in the legislative and public spheres of Kenya, highlighting the tension between cultural values ​​and technological advancement.

Somalia Bans Tik Tok

Bob Ndolo, in his memoirs, urged MPs to consider banning TikTok due to its awareness of its challenge to Kenya’s basic religious and cultural tenets. The petitioner expressed concern about the lack of proper regulation on the platform in Kenya, arguing that the platform leads to the prevalence of offensive and inappropriate content.

Meanwhile, the Somali government’s announcement to ban TikTok, Telegram and online betting app 1XBET has sparked new debates about the role these platforms play in shaping public discourse.

The ban was introduced as a measure to limit the spread of graphic and extremist propaganda materials used by “terrorists” to manipulate and deceive society.

The move comes ahead of a planned military strike against Al-Shabab, an Al-Qaeda-linked militant group that has maintained an insurgency against the central government for more than 15 years. year.

Somalia’s ministry of communications and technology has ordered internet service providers to implement the ban by August 24, threatening unspecified legal action for non-compliance. The ministry statement cited the need to accelerate the fight against terrorism as the reason for the ban, signaling concerns about the potential for misuse of such platforms for nefarious purposes. 

Somalia Bans Tik Tok.

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