President Ruto’s Executive Order Provides Clarity on Mudavadi and Kuria’s Roles

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Mudavadi and Kuria’s Roles –President William Ruto has clarified the roles of Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi and his counterpart, Moses Kuria.

In a recent Executive Order, President Ruto has assigned Mr. Kuria the responsibility of overseeing the performance of government institutions under the State Department of Performance and Delivery Management.

This group will use innovative methods to improve service quality and offer training for public service personnel.

Mr. Mudavadi, now the CS for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, holds significant authority among senior public officers, ranking third after the President and Deputy President.

Mr. Mudavadi’s office will be located at the Kenya Railways Corporation headquarters, where he will lead the Principal Secretaries Committees. His duties include supervising government activities, implementing the national government’s legislative agenda, and collaborating with legislative leadership from the party and alliance in Parliament.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary will also gain more political influence as the State Department for Parliamentary Affairs falls under his purview.These changes involve managing policies and prioritizing legislation to achieve Kenya Kwanza’s development goals. Additionally, Adan Mohammed returns to a political role as the Chief of Strategy Execution in the President’s office of Strategy and Execution. President Ruto made these appointments, as announced by Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service Felix Koskei.

Mudavadi and Kuria's Roles

These changes follow a recent cabinet reshuffle in which several leaders were reassigned to different ministries.

Rebecca Miano, formerly in the Ministry of EAC and Northern Corridor, now serves in the Ministry of Investments, Trade, and Industrialization.

Alfred Mutua transitioned from the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs to the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, and Alice Wahome was moved from the Ministry of Water and Sanitation to the Ministry of Lands.

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President Ruto’s Executive Order Provides Clarity on Mudavadi and Kuria’s Roles

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