Mbosso’s Secret Wedding at WCB

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Mbosso, a Tanzanian singer, revealed his secret marriage in a conversation with Wasafi Media, unexpectedly reported. Mbosso’s Secret Wedding at WCB.

“Nina mwanamke wangu, mzuri, nimemuoa kisirisiri,” (I have a beautiful wife that I secretly married)
He added that he installed “Nakula vizuri, nalala kwa wakati”. (I eat well and sleep on time)
The singer is dating Rukia, the mother of his youngest child.

Although he did not reveal when and with whom he got married, Rukia is the woman with whom the male singer has been in a relationship for a long time.
The WCB singer also refuted claims that he always fed women and let them down.
“Mimi sina hizo tabia sasa hivi” (I don’t have that kind of behavior)

He added; “Nina watoto wangu na kila mtu anawajua, sijawahi kuwaficha. I love my children and the others I have for them. I am proud to be a father.” (I have children and everyone knows, I have never hidden them.
I love my children and even live with someone else. I’m proud to be a father) One of my greatest assets
they are kids, i believe one day i will remember them all but my kids helped me. 
One of my greatest assets is my children, I believe that one day I may run out of money and they will be there to help me.

Mbosso's Secret Wedding at WCB

Mbosso’s Secret Wedding at WCB.

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