Harmonize Seeks Reconciliation with Diamond Platnumz

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• Harmonize Seeks Reconciliation with Diamond Platnumz – Tanzanian music sensation Harmonize has recently opened up about his willingness to mend fences with former mentor Diamond Platnumz.

Rising to fame under Diamond’s Wasafi Classic Baby record label, Harmonize delved into the reasons behind their fallout and expressed a sincere desire for reconciliation.

While Diamond played a crucial role in shaping Harmonize’s musical journey, their relationship took a downturn, leading to Harmonize’s departure from the esteemed record label.

In a recent interview, he shed light on the grievances that fueled the discord.Harmonize accused the management of mistreatment, going so far as to claim they accused his father of practicing witchcraft.

He passionately defended his father’s visits, questioning the logic of branding his religious and supportive father as a potential threat.

He recounted instances where they alleged his father had come to bewitch Diamond, prompting Harmonize to question, “So my dad should not visit? Because my dad is a religious person, he should not come to my home? Does it make sense?”

Additionally, Harmonize expressed dissatisfaction with being fined KSh 560k for collaborating with Nigerian artist Reekado Banks. He argued that such collaborations would have expanded their fan base and found it perplexing that he was penalized for it.

Harmonize Seeks Reconciliation with Diamond Platnumz

In a surprising turn, Harmonize conveyed his readiness to reconcile with Diamond Platnumz. Despite past differences, he referred to Diamond as “my brother” and acknowledged the positive relationship he maintains with former label mate Rayvanny.

Harmonize highlighted the potential for growth in the Tanzanian music industry if artists unite, emphasizing the distractions that arise from internal conflicts.

As he extends an olive branch, the prospect of reconciliation between these two influential Tanzanian artists brings hope for a renewed era of collaboration and unity in the vibrant East African music scene.

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Harmonize Seeks Reconciliation with Diamond Platnumz: A New Chapter in Tanzanian Music Unity.

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