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WAR ON CAR BREAKERS, In October 2023, Nairobi and its surroundings experienced a surge in car break-ins, as revealed in a report by DCI Kenya.

CCTV footage captured syndicates of notorious city thugs engaged in stealing from locked motor vehicles, particularly targeting shoppers’ vehicles at supermarket parking lots, bank customers withdrawing large sums, and other motorists with visible valuables like laptops and smartphones.

These daring rings, employing tactics ranging from catapults to spark plugs for breaking car windows and mastering car door locks, operated with audacity across upscale locations in the capital, causing distress among city residents.

A notable incident occurred on October 7 in Nairobi’s Parklands area, where a DTB bank client lost Sh1.5 million to a gang of four after his Mazda CX5 was broken into.

Another incident, widely circulated on DCI’s social media platforms, featured a car breaker ring stealing from a locked vehicle in Nairobi West. The victim lost Sh466,000 cash, a school bag, a laptop valued at Sh105,000, and a mobile phone.


Responding to this surge, DCI swiftly deployed a team from the Operations directorate. Notably, the infamous catapult gang was apprehended, and detectives in Lang’ata pursued suspects in a highlighted case.

In a recent development, 42-year-old Amos Odera Audo, a figure in multiple crime footages, was ambushed at his Kaloleni hideout near the City Stadium in Nairobi. Accomplish John Musiyo Mbingu was arrested at a Kibera court during a hearing for a similar car breaking charge. While Odera remained in police custody, Musiyo, released on bail for medical treatment, subsequently disappeared, leading to a warrant for his arrest.

On Monday, November 20, Odera was arraigned at Kibera Law Courts, facing charges of stealing from a locked motor vehicle. He was released on Sh500,000 bond. The pursuit of two other known accomplices is ongoing, with investigations into the recipients of the stolen valuables continuing.

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