Mombasa Ranks As The Second Cheapest City In The World

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According to the United Kingdom Post Office’s Long Haul Report, Mombasa ranks as the second cheapest city in the world.

The city was rated as the least expensive in the world, trailing only Hoi An in Vietnam.

A bottle of beer, sunscreen, and a three-course meal for two were among the items that the survey attempted to gauge the cost of for tourists.

Mombasa’s rates for the three goods averaged Ksh10,586 (£59.57), whereas Hon Ai’s were Ksh9,358 (£52.66) and Cape Town’s were Ksh10,944 (£61.58).

Tokyo, Japan and Bali, Indonesia came in second and third, respectively, with Ksh12,865 (£72.39) and Ksh13,069 (£73.54).

Delhi in India, Phuket in Thailand, Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, Penang in Malaysia, and Colombo in Sri Lanka round out the top 10.

According to the study from the UK Post Office, prices in Mombasa decreased by 19.2% from a survey conducted in 2021.

Mombasa Ranks As The Second Cheapest City In The World
Mombasa City

“Again, Cape Town, South Africa, and Mombasa, Kenya, are the runners-up, but they have switched spots. Beach costs in Mombasa have decreased by more than 20%, according to the research.

Mombasa was classified as the third most affordable city in the 2021 poll, with tourists spending an average of Ksh10,342 there as opposed to Ksh9,154 in Cape Town and Ksh9,060 in Hon Ai, Vietnam.

” Our final tally for Cape Town was Ksh9,154. Part of the 2021 survey stated, ” With its beaches, culture, and great cuisine, it maintains second place and was narrowly edged out of first place by Hoi An, in Vietnam.

Mombasa, Kenya, a bustling coastal city close to a large number of beach resorts, comes next.

The coastal city’s beaches have garnered international recognition over the years.

Mombasa Ranks As The Second Cheapest City In The World
Diani Beach, Kenya.

Diani Beach was listed as one of the top 50 beaches in the world in July 2022.

Mombasa Ranks As The Second-Cheapest City In The World.

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