Britney Spears Speaks about Divorce

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Britney Spears opens up about her divorce from Sam Asghari, saying she’s “a bit shocked”… while admitting “to be honest, I just can’t take the pain anymore.” Britney Spears Speaks about Divorce.

The pop star posted a lengthy statement and home dance video to Instagram on Friday night, but never explained why, in her view, the six-year relationship and 14-month marriage ended with Sam, while also stating that she “can’t take the pain anymore”, suggesting marriage isn’t working for her either.
However, Britney has given a window into how she’s dealing with it all, saying she’s been “playing hard for too long” and her so-called “perfect” posts on IG obscure her behind-the-scenes facts, noting: “I think we all know that.

She also said she wishes she could express her “emotions and tears” about how she really feels, but she always hides her weaknesses.
Britney then makes cryptic allusions to being her father’s strong soldier, cared for by doctors, in need of her family most, and receiving unconditional love – but “no strings attached” .
Britney concluded by saying she’s going to be strong, and as is, she’s “very good.” 

Britney Spears Speaks about Divorce
Britney Spears Speaks about Divorce

Britney Spears Speaks about Divorce.

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