Brian Mwenda ‘s Revelation: Working with Leading US Global Law Firms

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Brian Mwenda, in a Tuesday statement, asserted that he is employed by international law firms, one of which is based in the United States. During an interview on Radio Jambo, Mwenda disclosed that he works as a legal consultant for five international law firms.

Besides the US, he revealed that one firm operates in Europe, while the other three are located in different African countries, including Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria. However, he did not disclose the specific names of the firms he consults for.

Brian Mwenda

As a legal consultant, he explained that his responsibilities include appearing in court and conducting legal tasks for clients.

Mwenda, when asked about his educational qualifications, mentioned that he would address the matter after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations concludes its inquiry and the court makes a decision on the issue.

In contrast, he expressed his intention to enter politics and run for an elective position in the 2027 General Election. He also noted that he was receiving support from politicians, including former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and other government officials.

It’s worth noting that Mwenda currently faces charges of identity theft and document falsification. He entered a not guilty plea during his appearance before Nairobi Chief Magistrate Lukas Onyina and was released on Ksh200,000 cash bail.

The case is scheduled for a hearing on November 7.

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Brian Mwenda ‘s Revelation: Working with Leading US Global Law Firms.

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