Akothee and Denis Schweizer: Unveiling the Truth About Their Marriage

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Renowned Kenyan singer and entrepreneur Esther Akoth, better known as Akothee, has officially declared the end of her marriage to Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer. • Akothee and Denis Schweizer.

She revealed this information during a live social media session with her fans, disclosing that she made the decision to leave the marriage in June while she and Omosh were on their honeymoon.

Akothee stated, “I’ve moved on from it. It no longer exists. I want to let you know that I walked away from that relationship back in June. However, I won’t delve into the details.”She further mentioned, “I did enjoy my marriage; I cherished my wedding. I have no regrets. I intentionally had my wedding on my birthday, just in case things went awry, as they did, so I wouldn’t have any regrets.

“The 43-year-old musician implied that she left the marriage while they were on their honeymoon after discovering certain undisclosed issues. She admitted to not immediately informing her Swiss husband about her decision and even lied to him by saying she wouldn’t leave.

Akothee and Denis Schweizer

Akothee narrated, “I walked out of the relationship back in June. I typically exit my relationships while I’m still in them. During our honeymoon, I uncovered some things I couldn’t tolerate.

He asked me, ‘Will you leave me?’ I replied, ‘No, honey, I love you.’ When I was leaving Switzerland in July, at the airport, he asked me, ‘Will you leave me?’ I said, ‘No, honey, I love you.’ But in reality, I had already left.”The singer, known for her dramatic life, emphasized that she is now single and declared that she will never allow any man to have a negative impact on her psychological well-being.”I am someone who doesn’t force issues. If it’s not working for me, even if it is for you, it’s just not working. I don’t stay in toxic relationships or relationships I don’t understand because my money is in my head.

The moment I allow any man to mess with my head, he’s messing with my wallet,” she explained.

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Akothee and Denis Schweizer: Unveiling the Truth About Their Marriage.

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