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We Will Fund Students Not Universities – Pres Ruto

ByBrian Omondi

May 1, 2023
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ā€¢ Kuccps – President William Ruto has addressed concerns regarding the cessation of financial assistance to universities. This subject was initially brought up upon the new administration taking office, citing the excessive expenditure required to sustain these educational institutions and its impact on the budget.

The administration contended that attaining a C as an entry grade should not guarantee funding for students. Their stance was that certain pupils receive an expensive education from primary school to high school, paying fees that can reach six figures. As such, these students should not face difficulties affording tuition in college.

The government has suggested ceasing funding for private universities because they believe that supporting these institutions has negatively impacted public universities, which should be the primary beneficiaries. Since 2016, the government, via KUCCPS, has been sending government-sponsored students to both private and public universities.


Previously, public institutions were congested, but this has since been resolved.

The government has suspended the placement of government-sponsored students in private universities due to a decline in enrollment in public universities. Since the number of students who meet the admission requirements is lower than the available space in public universities, they can all be accommodated there.

The President has proposed a novel approach to funding universities that entails changing the current model. As per his recommendation, universities will no longer receive direct funding, but instead, the government will sponsor deserving and financially disadvantaged students. This implies that individuals who seek to benefit from government funding will be required to demonstrate their financial need. Kuccps

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