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Unmasking Pastor Makenzie’s Deadly Cult

ByGeff Mwangemi

Apr 24, 2023
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Unmasking Pastor Makenzie’s Deadly Cult. Several Days after Pastor Paul Makenzi was detained in a police station In Mombasa over allegedly forcing Children to fast to death more bodies have been discovered in his land, Shakaola.

Unmasking Pastor Makenzie’s Deadly Cult. Photo Courtesy.

According to Citizen TV 52 bodies have been found so far on the said land of 800 acres owned by pastor Makenzi of Good News International Church. Related Cult Or Church? DCI Discovers 27 Graves In Shakahola Forest

Malindi sub-county police Chief John Kemboi reported that more shallow graves have yet to be dug up on the land owned by pastor Paul Makenzi who was arrested on 14th of April over links to cultism.

Police have asked the court to allow them hold Makenzi longer as the investigations of the death linked to his church continue. Red cross and police are currently co-working on the matter to establish if there are more bodies buried. More News 3% Salary Deduction To All Civil Servants – Ruto

A whistle blower from the members of the public led police to raid Makenzi’s property in Malindi where they found 15 emaciated people, including the four who died later. When asked his followers said that they were starving on pastor Makenzi’s instructions in order to meet Jesus.

Police were later informed by the members of the public that there were dozens of shallow graves spread across Makenzi’s 800 acres land and digging started on last Friday. More NewsTurn Of Events At Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls.

Pastor Makenzi has been arrested twice before, in 2019 and March this year in relation to the deaths of children. In the two encounters with the police, Makenzi was released on bond and the two cases are proceeding through the court.

Political leaders have urged the police to release him this round due to high rate spreading of cult in Malindi area.

In other Related News, today PCEA leaders in Embu condemned Pastor Makenzi for what they termed as false religion teachings. Speaking in Embu, the PECA leaders said that any religion teaching that leads to death is not from the bible, and nowhere in the bile where it’s written that people should die.

The leaders urged the government to come up with Legal policies governing religion operations in Kenya to prevent such cases in future.

Additionally, Interior Cabinet secretary, Prof. Kithure Kindiki is expected to tour Kilifi county on tomorrow to assess the ongoing investigations over the deaths of more that 50 people under Makenzi’s Instructions to start so that they can meet Jesus.

It is expected that Pastor Makenzi won’t get away with this one due to the magnitude it has over the lives of innocent Kenya’s. Kenyan’s have expressed diverse views on the matter some arguing that Makenzi did not force anyone to starve to death and in that regard they did it voluntarily, thus he should not be blamed. Whereas others are of the opinion that Makenzi should be arrested and prosecuted for misleading hundreds of people to fast to death. More News(Video) Doctors Reveal What Killed The Nakuru Quintuplets

On our investigations, Tuvibe Media has discovered that Paul Makenzi has some links with Pastor Ezekiel, and after getting full information, we will publish more news on the same.

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