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Travis Scott Plans After Music

ByBrian Omondi

May 25, 2023
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Travis Scott has expressed his desire to pursue a career in architecture at the esteemed Harvard University after his music career concludes.

On Wednesday (May 24), La Flame graced the cover of the latest edition of PIN-UP magazine, revealing his passion for design in every aspect from A to Z.

Scott expressed that his ultimate passion lies in architecture and he hopes to enroll in the renowned architecture program at Harvard GSD once he completes his music career, which he predicts will last for quite some time. The idea of pursuing both interests simultaneously fascinates him.

In 2018, Scott received an invitation to give a Master Class on Creativity at Harvard University, during which he spoke to an audience of 500 students.

No Label shared that during the event, they aimed to connect their participants with an artist who challenges the societal norms and is an embodiment of perseverance towards one’s dreams. Furthermore, they stated that Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD is a prime example of such an artistic creation.

Travis Scott

According to a pupil who divulged to Complex, The most significant learning I acquired from Travis’ speech is this: originality and stimulation stem from one’s life lessons.

One cannot achieve creativity to the fullest while being confined to a screen. It is essential to live life to the maximum and embrace every experience. Fearlessness and risk-taking are required to pursue originality. Balancing innovation with authenticity is the key to success.

Regarding music, all attention is currently focused on the upcoming release of the Utopia album by Houston Rager. The album is expected to arrive soon, as evidenced by the extensive roll-out taking place.

When asked about the meaning behind the album title, he clarified to PIN-UP that although Utopia may seem unattainable and idealistic, it is ultimately up to each individual to achieve it.

Every day, some individuals reach their personal version of paradise. Although they may not possess the most wealth or live in the most luxurious homes, they are content and feel as though they are in an ideal utopian environment, which is the ultimate achievement.

Scott continued, expressing his desire to transport listeners to alternate realities through his music. Each album he creates is a gateway to a world he has envisioned, filled with endless possibilities and positivity. With every beat and melody, he hopes to inspire others to believe in the potential for utopian concepts to exist. From innovative medical breakthroughs to groundbreaking architectural feats, Scott believes in the power of music to create a world where people can thrive and experience true bliss. His ultimate goal is to show the audience that utopia is not just a far-fetched dream, but a tangible reality waiting to be discovered.

On Monday evening (May 22), La Flame graced the red carpet in Cannes to show his support for The Weeknd and his latest HBO series. His garb, a dark brown ensemble, matched the hue of the Utopia briefcase securely fastened to his security detail no matter where he ventured.

The contents of the mysterious box remain enigmatic, yet it has served as an effective promotional tool for the album.

Epic Records CEO Sylvia Rhone claims that the album Utopia, played by Scott for the Houston Astros last week, will supposedly be available on streaming platforms by June.

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