(Video)This is The Reason Why Kajala Left Me – Harmonize

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Harmonize – Wolper

Jeshi, Harmonize – Sarah

-Harmonize – Brianna

Harmonize – Kajala

If I may ask what have you learn from your previous relationships?

On his Instagram account, Harmonize, the Tanzanian superstar and ‘uno’ hit maker, decided to open up and share his experience and what he learnt in his previous four relationships since he became a star.

Harmonize ( Instagram )

My first relationship I learned how 2b a man

Second relationship I learned Rotality

Third relationship I learned how to Make Love 😁

My fourth relationship I learned how to spend money & forget like nothing happened kujikaza!!! 💪 Lol

Anyways it’s enough all of them have made a really man like me I do appreciate them 🙏 nothing and no one can drive me again I’m sure I will be more better. We met for reason. SINGLE BOY AGAIN 🐘 I’ll tell you more 2/14/ Make sure you love yourself. I am my own Valentine♥️♥️” Harmonize

watch the video here

Did you know that Harmonize has got bad like with Valentines. Haha! This guy is always single on Valentine day.


First Relationship – Harmonize & Jackline Wolper

In his first relationship, he learned how to be a man. According to my take Jackline Wolper treated her like a young boy, so he had to stand up like a man hence they broke up.

Second Relationship – Harmonize & Sarah

Second relationship he learned royalty. My opinion I think he meant loyalty, the act of being loyal in a relationship, instead of royalty. Haha! Our brothers and sisters in the other side have got issues with letter L & R. Ok here is my take, after a successful marriage with Sarah the Italian lady, Harmonize went outside his marriage as a result he got a child with another lady, and the day that Harmonize share the news about his child outside his marriage is the day that his by – then wife Sarah packed without questioning. So the lesson was to be loyal in relationship.

Third Relationship – Harmonize & Briana

Ok Mr Konde in this relationship the lesson was how to make love. We all know Brianna Jai (Australian lady) ‘mpenda bata’ what’s your take on this? Kindly share your opinion on the comment box.

Fourth Relationship – Harmonize & Kajala

Fourth relationship Jeshi learned how to spend money and forget as if nothing happens. Kajala a lady who loves luxurious lifestyle. So in this relationship our boy Konde was forced to be a spendthrift.

Anyway he said that he will tell us more on 2/14/ the Valentine day, probably it might be a song dedicated to his fallen relationship, that’s my guess in the meantime let’s just chill and wait for the bombshell. Full video

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