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There Is No Middle-Class People In Kenya – Reasons Why

ByBrian Omondi

Apr 1, 2023
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Middle-class people often have a misconception.

It is concerning if being part of the middle class was once a self-proclaimed title but now, due to job loss, providing three meals as sustenance is a challenge.

Kenya does not offer an experience comparable to that of living a middle-class life.

Being in possession of a Vitz and residing in a three-bedroom apartment does not automatically classify one as being of the middle-class.


Three basic queries should be pondered upon by you.

In the event of losing your job, can you sustain your family, housing, and educational expenses for your child throughout the year while seeking new opportunities?

Would your finances allow you to cover your medical expenses for a significant period in case you became unwell, without completely exhausting all your resources?

Owning a vehicle and residing in a comfortable flat may not necessarily signify a person’s middle-class status or guarantee a flawlessly content existence; one may simply find themselves stagnant in such circumstances.

Poverty is separated from you by a slender boundary.

You are just a poor Kenyan with a job and uncertain future.


My Pure Opinion.

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