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The Shortest War In The World.Killed Over 500 People!

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Did you know that the shortest war in history was fought on 27th August 1896 and it lasted for only 40 minutes?

The war was named as Anglo – Zanzibar war, because it was a war between the British empire and the Sultan of Zanzibar 1896 .

The Genesis Of The War

It all started back in 1890, when the Germany and British signed the Heligoland treaty of 1890, which stated that Zanzibar was under British control while Tanganyika ( Tanzanian main land) was under German dominance.

Sultan Hamad bin Thuwaini, who was the Sultan by then, acknowledged the treaty and accepted British control over Zanzibar.

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The Anglo – Zanzibar War.

As the name suggests, it was a military conflict between the Imperial British East African Company and the sultanate of Zanzibar.

Sultan Hamad bin Thuwaini
Sultan Hamad bin Thuwaini . Credit Wikipedia

Immediate Cause

The sudden death of Sultan Hamad bin Thuwaini on 25th August at his Palace.

It is so said his cousin Khalid bin Bargash had a hand in his death, though not proven, because few minutes after Sultan Hamads death, his cousin Khalid bin Bargash was already at the palace and took over power as the new sultan.

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Imperial British East African Company refused to acknowledge Khalid bin Bargash as the new Sultan because he was so much independent.

The British issued an ultimatum to Khalid bin Bargash demanding him to step down and leave the palace, In response Bargash, gathered all his palace guards and started to recruit new soldiers for the war.

The ultimatum expired on 27th August, at exactly 9:00 the British soldiers had surrounded the palace.

Sultan Khalid bin Bargash sensed defeat and escaped through the palace back door with his family. The war took less than 45 minutes. Then the British quickly placed Hamoud a pro British supporter as the the Sultan of Zanzibar.


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