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The Poor Black Guy Dating Bill Gate’s Daughter Phoebe

ByBrian Omondi

Apr 6, 2023
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Black Guy Dating Bill Gate’s Daughter Phoebe – Introducing Robert Ross, the boyfriend of Phoebe Gates, the daughter of Bill Gates. Although frequently targeted with disrespect on the Internet, Robert boasts an impressive background that qualifies his position as Phoebe’s boyfriend.

Robert was conferred with a degree in Artificial Intelligence in the field of Computer Science from Stanford University in 2021.

Black Guy Dating Bill Gate's Daughter Phoebe

He endeavored to acquire a postgraduate degree in the realm of Computer Science which primarily deals with crafting intelligent machines and computer programs – Artificial Intelligence.

While studying at Stanford, Robert actively participated in the Sigma Nu Fraternity and held several roles during his tenure with the organization. He served as the recruitment director, diversity and inclusion director, and ultimately assumed the role of fraternity president in 2019.

Robert secured a full-time job as an associate product manager at Google after completing his education at a private university in California.

Black Guy Dating Bill Gate's Daughter Phoebe

Lume, an AI tool that assists engineering teams in creating and managing tailored data integrations without the need for coding, was established by a Stanford graduate in January 2023.

He is brilliant in his own right but ofcoz he is black he is not the only one dating Bill Gates daughters but he will be targeted and it’s sad to see black people also being part of those dragging him daily on social media.

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Black Guy Dating Bill Gate’s Daughter

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