Talented Duo. Get To Know The 2’z

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Introduction to the Talented 2’z

Do you love Kenyan music? Have you heard of the talented duo The 2’z, Kenya’s? Well I will be introducing the duo who are taking the music scene by storm: Jay Don and Athu Pesa, better known as The 2’z.

These two childhood best friends have created a new genre of music–Afrozouk, Afropop and RnB–that they hope will capture the hearts of both Kenyans and their global fans.

Since their music journey began in 2022, The 2’z have released a number of singles such as “Hodi Hodi” and “Favorite.” They recently collaborated with Kenyan and Tanzania-based producers on their latest project, “Popote.” With each release, they aim to create something unique that speaks to their audience—and it shows! Their soulful sound has earned them a legion of loyal followers.

Both Jay Don and Athu Pesa are multilingual lyricists, capable of writing in English, Lingala, Kiswahili and French. Their lyrics are rich with meaning yet still catchy and rhythmic – no wonder fans can’t seem to get enough! As they continue their journey in the music industry, there’s no telling what heights these two artists will reach.

Talented 2z's

Background and Story of the Talented 2’z

Ahh, the 2’z. Jay Don and Athu Pesa, the iconic duo behind some of Kenya’s most beloved music. It all started back in 2022 when the childhood friends released their single “Hodi Hodi”. Little did they know that this would be their first step to musical stardom.

Since then, their sound has developed into a unique blend of Afrozouk, Afropop and Swahili RnB, creating songs about love and relationships that are sure to make your feet tap. Their numerous singles like “Favorite” have cemented their place in Kenyan music history.

Although they’ve only done one collaboration so far (we’re still waiting for more!), they’ve worked with some great producers from both Kenya and Tanzania. That said, they’ve also made it clear they want to reach new places – so here’s hoping they’ll continue to expand their music all over the world!

Talented 2z's

Genre Specialization of the Talented 2’z

You may not know it, but the 2’z specialize in a genre of music not many are familiar with — Afrozouk, Afropop and Swahili RnB. This genre is a combination of traditional Kenyan music styles and modern genres like hip-hop and funk, mixed with lyrics that speak to their audience’s hearts.

The 2’z create music that directly responds to the experiences of the everyday Kenyan. love songs that soundtrack our lives, letting us know we’re not alone in our joys and sorrows. Their music is an emotional rollercoaster — from the upbeat banger Hodi Hodi to the romantic serenade Favorite, they have something for every mood.

And it’s not just their own music. hey have also collaborated with other artists for an even wider range of hits. Their single Popote is an anthem for the nights you’ll never forget, sure to make your feet move wherever you are.

Every single showcases their unique sound and unmistakable style. Whatever your listening preference is, there’s something for you in their discography.

Breakthrough Singles and Collaborations

The talented duo of 2’z have released a number of breakthrough singles. ‘Hodi Hodi’ was their first big hit and since then they have slowly increased their repertoire with tunes like ‘Favorite’. They also collaborated with a few well known producers which has lead to the release of their song ‘Popote’. This is a creative melting pot of Swahili RnB, Afropop and Afrozouk that had the people dancing.

Their approach to music is one of love and harmony, and those are qualities that shine through in their songs. They take pleasure in experimenting with sounds and genres to create something new. That connects people from different backgrounds to be able to resonate with each other through their music.

This is what makes them stand out from other Kenyan musicians. Playing around with musical elements and delivering an unheard yet special type of sound.

Working With Kenyan and Tanzanian Producers

Have you ever wondered who helps the 2’z create their incredible music? It takes quite a few people to make remarkable music, and these talented producers have been essential to the 2’z creative process.

The 2’z have worked with some of the biggest names on the Kenyan and Tanzanian music scenes. They’ve collaborated with producers from both countries. Who bring their own unique sound to the mix that has resulted in some of the most popular songs on Kenyan radio today.

What’s Next for the Talented 2’z?

Now that you know more about the amazing duo that is the 2’z, you’re probably wondering what they’re up to next.

Well, the sky is the limit for these two! They are working on a big project which will be released soon and which has us all excited. The project is set to take the Kenyan music industry by storm. So don’t forget to watch this space.

The 2’z are also planning to work with some of the top producers in Kenya and Tanzania, in order to create something special for their fans. They hope that this project will help them reach even more audiences and expand their reach beyond East Africa. So now it’s definitely time for you to get on board and join the 2’z bandwagon!


The 2’z are a talented duo who have made their mark on Kenya’s music industry. With their unique sound and powerful lyrics. Despite only starting their music journey in 2022. They have already created an impressive discography and have made a name for themselves in Africa.

Their genre, Afrozouk, is a fusion of Afropop and RnB, and they specialize in creating love songs. They have had one collaboration and have worked with a few local producers.

The 2’z are an incredible duo and are rising stars in the African music industry. They look forward to expanding their reach and growing their fan base, so keep an eye out for what is next from one of Kenya’s finest.

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