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Stop lying To Kenyans Dp Rigathi. Facts!

ByBrian Omondi

Apr 10, 2023
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Stop lying To Kenyans Dp Rigathi Gachagua. Here are the facts according to Dr Ekuro Aukot a Kenyan lawyer.

He tweeted..”Stop lying to Kenyans Mr Dp Rigathi. This is a lie. If everything was looted, and since you’re a “truthful & honest men,”

What was the cost for your ceremonial swearing?

What is the price for attending every church Thanksgiving service?

What method do you plan to use in paying your 50 CAS’s?

The appointment of 24 CSs and over 30 PSs by your administration resulted in the expansion of the Executive branch of government. How do you plan on paying them?

Unconstitutional establishment of additional positions such as the Prime CS and offices for spouses.

How are you funding your extensive travels with large delegations across the globe, under your administration?

Where did the KES 50 billion hustler fund come from, considering your supposed financial difficulties?

Has the hustler fund paid KCBGroup for their guarantee?

Your administration is looking at a hefty cost of KES 800 million to buy new cars. It is important to understand how these funds will be sourced, especially if finances are tight.

Our administration is excessively large and requires eno.

Without the timely payment of salaries to civil servants and state officers, the state cannot function. It is imperative that financial prudence and discipline, as mandated by article 201 of COK2010, are upheld. Are you familiar with these guidelines?

They send many MPs & civil servants abroad on useless trips every week.In addition, almost every committee of Parliament comprising not less than 20 members, fly into mombasa every week for casual meetings. It seems MPs deposit their brains in mombasa.

Is it to be assumed that the intellectual capacity of our politicians and government officials is rendered useless when they are situated in Nairobi? Moreover, it has come to light that these individuals will convene meetings in hotel boardrooms in order to obtain per diems and meals, despite already receiving a consistent salary. It is no surprise that the government propagates the falsehood of our financial destitution themselves!” Aukot

Stop lying To Kenyans Dp Rigathi

Stop lying To Kenyans Dp Rigathi

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