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South African Rapper
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The demise of a 28-year-old South African rapper Costa Titch has been officially confirmed by his family on Sunday. This came after several unverified videos purportedly captured the rapper collapsing twice while entertaining the audience at a music festival.

The bereaved family of the renowned musician Costa Titch, born Constantinos Tsobanoglou, issued a formal statement confirming his demise. While the family withheld information on the exact circumstances leading up to his untimely death, they affirmed the singer’s passing.

South African Rapper Costa titch

The Instagram account belonging to Costa Titch recently shared an anonymous statement expressing deep sorrow over the loss of their cherished child, sibling, and grandchild. The devastating news of their passing came as a shock, and they are still trying to come to terms with this painful reality. Despite the overwhelming grief, the statement did include a word of thanks to the brave responders who attended to their loved one in the final moments of their life. Their gratitude extended to anyone else who was present during their child’s final hours on this earth. May their loved one rest in peace, and his memory be a blessing to everyone who mourns his loss.

The audience at the Costa Titch concert were in for a shock when they witnessed the rapper apparently lose control of his body while performing. Social media videos reveal the disconcerting moment when he took a sudden forward slump. A man from the stage comes to the rescue and assists Costa Titch back on to his feet. Despite the terrifying glitch, the hip-hop artist bravely recommenced his performance. However, a little while later, the incident was repeated as he suffered another collapse.

South African Rapper Costa titch

Despite the report of the loss of the talented rapper, dancer, songwriter, collaborator, and friend to the Ultra Music Festival family, Costa Titch, the exact circumstances surrounding his sudden death remains unclear. However, the validity and authenticity of the viral videos related to his demise could not be independently corroborated, as sources indicated. Before his untimely death, the South African artist was slated to take center stage at the Nasrec enclave of Joburg on Saturday night, entertaining his massive fan base and music lovers. The sad news of Costa Titch’s passing has left festival organizers in mourning, revealing in a post on Twitter that they were heartbroken by the tragic turn of events. Despite the loss, his unique artistry and musical contributions will forever be remembered by all who had the privilege to encounter his infectious melodies and creative flair.

The bereaved relatives of the deceased individual did not share any information with regard to the cause of his untimely demise. Furthermore, attempts to contact them on a Sunday proved unsuccessful

On various online platforms, fans and fellow artists alike have expressed an overwhelming feeling of sorrow and disappointment following the announcement of the rapper’s passing. Among them is the renowned South African and American artist, Leslie Jonathan Mampe Jr., who is popularly known as Da L.E.S, who took to Twitter to eulogize the now-deceased rapper by expressing his condolences and regret at the loss of such raw talent. It is with deep sadness that the world has come to grips with the news of the passing of Costa Titch, a gifted rapper who was taken away from us too soon.

South African rapper

The condolences expressed to Costa Titch’s loved ones by the Southern African Music Rights Organization, a copyright association that advocates for musicians in the region, were filled with deep emotions and sincerity.

It was the second high-profile death in South Africa’s dynamic rap scene in just a few weeks. Kiernan Forbes, 35, who went by the stage name AKA, died last month after he was shot outside a restaurant in Durban, on the country’s southeastern coast. AKA and Costa Titch released an album together in 2021.

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