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Shakahola Victims Were Murdered – Govt Pathologist

ByBrian Omondi

May 3, 2023
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Shakahola Victims Were Murdered – On May 2nd, the government enlisted Johansen Oduor, a pathologist, to conduct postmortems. Following the investigation, he disclosed that four individuals from the Shakahola massacre were killed.

After conducting autopsies on 30 corpses unearthed from the 800-acre Shakahola Forest, which purportedly served as the headquarters of cult leader Paul Mackenzie and his Good News International church, the pathologist disclosed their findings.

Marks on the neck were evident in one of the individuals, bearing resemblance to the marks that occur during strangulation. The neck bones were broken as well, further indicating that the person was strangled. We are confident in our conclusion that this individual, who happened to be a child, was indeed strangled.

The pathologist confirmed that two individuals had been smothered, which entails the obstruction of one’s nose and mouth resulting in a lack of oxygen and subsequent death, the report indicated.


According to Oduor, a different child succumbed to blunt force trauma to the head. Moreover, the observation was made by Oduor that twenty corpses exhibited indications of malnourishment.

Of the total 30 corpses, the gender distribution was such that 8 were male and the rest 22 were female. Furthermore, certain bodies were discovered to be extensively decomposed and reduced to mere skeletons.

Shakahola Victims Were Murdered

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