• Sun. May 28th, 2023

Salt Price Set To Go Up

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Salt Price Set To Go Up – Come April 15, 2023, Kenyan consumers will have to allocate more funds towards the purchase of table salt as the Kensalt Limited Company prepares to roll out a price hike.

The public was notified on Friday by the General Manager, Arpan Roy, that there would be an extra Ksh.1,000 charged for every ton produced, alongside the VAT.

Mr. Roy stated that the upsurge was caused by an ensuing elevation in the expenses of production.

The statement stated that the prices would have to be raised by Ksh.1,000 per ton plus VAT from 15 April 2023 due to a continuous increase in production costs.

Salt Price Set To Go Up - Come April 15, 2023

To guarantee uninterrupted salt supply, this increment was imperative.

Kensalt’s decision to take action coincides with an increase in the pricing of various necessary household products.

Salt Price Set To Go Up

At present, Kenyans can purchase a one-kilogram package of Kensalt salt for approximately Ksh.25 to Ksh.40, while a two-kilogram package will cost around Ksh.65 to Ksh.80.

Salt Price Set To Go Up

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