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Raila’s Demand ahead of Ruto – Raila Dialogue

ByBrian Omondi

Apr 3, 2023
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Ruto – Raila Dialogue. Raila Odinga, the leader of ODM, has outlined specific requirements as he prepares for a conversation with President William Ruto.

On Sunday, the leader of ODM decided to cancel the planned mass protests in response to President Ruto’s actions, as stated by him.

Raila, despite displaying a willingness for discussion, cautioned that demonstrations could recommence in seven days if significant advancements are not achieved within that timeframe.

Raila has expressed that one of the circumstances that must be taken into account is the liberation of those who were apprehended for participating in nonviolent demonstrations, and the conclusion of legal proceedings against Azimio followers for their peaceful protests.

Raila - Ruto dialogue

He stated that we urge for an end to all arrests and prosecutions connected to our protests promptly upon acquiescing to the invitation for discussion.

Raila urged for the prompt initiation of discussions on the raised issues to accelerate resolution, simultaneously.

As per his statement, a fair parliamentary procedure equally headed by concerned parties and reinforced by external specialists should take place.

It’s our belief that prompt action should be taken to constitute a committee, and set rigid timelines for resolving the predicament confronting the nation.

Raila repeated his stance demanding the reinstatement of the four commissioners who were expelled from the office simultaneously.

He stated that it is not desirable to witness the 4 commissioners who had rejected the proposal to be compensated. The preferred course of action is to restore those commissioners so that the nation may progress in a unified and cohesive manner.

Raila is requesting certain conditions be taken into account, which involve the freeing of individuals taken into custody following nonviolent demonstrations, as well as the cessation of judicial proceedings against Azimio advocates as a result of their nonviolent protests.

Put an end to all arrests and prosecutions related to our demonstrations with immediate effect, he requested while agreeing to initiate a dialogue.

Raila urged that talks on the raised issues must commence immediately and accelerate.

He expressed his agreement with the proposal to carry out a fair parliamentary procedure, which is jointly presided over by both sides and supported by external specialists.

Raila - Ruto dialogue

It is our opinion that the formation of a committee with firm deadlines to alleviate the country’s present predicament is critical and should be carried out promptly.

Raila emphasized the need for the reappointment of the four ousted commissioners at the current moment.

He said that it was not desirable for the four commissioners who had opposed the decision to be made as scapegoats. What we actually desire is for those commissioners to be reinstalled, which would provide us with the opportunity to move forward unitedly as a nation, expressed the speaker.

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