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ByBrian Omondi

Apr 6, 2023
Jeff Mwathi
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The investigation into the passing of Jeff Mwathi is reaching its final stages.

The DCI Homicide department’s enquirers into the demise of Jeff Mwathi, 23, are drawing to a close, despite the lack of clarity surrounding his passing on February 22, 2023.

Mr. Mohamed Amin, the DCI Director, has ordered a new investigation into the peculiar death of a young man that has generated a lot of curiosity from the public. The aim of the investigation is to provide a more detailed account of what led to the young man’s unfortunate passing on that infamous morning.

The DCI National Forensic Laboratory has enlisted the Homicide team and Crime Scene professionals for assistance in deciphering the circumstances surrounding the death. To achieve this, a thorough scientific reconstruction of the scene has been carried out alongside gathering updated testimonies from witnesses.

As per the suggestions of the Homicide specialists, the corpse of the individual who passed away has been dug up again for a new post-mortem examination. Samples have been collected to conduct toxicology tests to determine if the individual had consumed alcohol or any other hazardous substances before their unfortunate demise.

In order to verify the validity of allegations of sexual molestation prior to the death of the victim, DNA samples have been collected from both deceased individuals and individuals who are considered suspects in this case.

An all-encompassing investigation has been carried out, which has delved into various other factors such as scrutinizing the forensic analysis of CCTV footage retrieved from the flat where the occurrence took place along with the inspection of digital data via cyber analysis. We are currently anticipating a report from the government pathologist that will aid us in finalizing our approach.

The public and the family of the deceased are being urged by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to remain patient as the investigation reaches the end.

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