Pastor Wash Female Believers; In The Name Of Cleansing – Video

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Ghanian pastor wash female believers

Have you ever heard of a pastor washing his congregants feet? Or maybe one dousing them with oil? Believe it or not, this is not an uncommon practice in Ghana. During a special service known as a “crossover night”, pastors in Ghana asked their female believers to strip and enter a basin filled with water – right in front of their husbands and children.

The female congregants then had to take off each piece of clothing, one by one, while the pastors spread oil over their bodies. To top it all off, they were issued with a new pair of inner panties upon leaving the basin.

Pastor Wash female believers
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This bizarre tradition has been seen by some as an abuse of religious power or even as unethical behavior – but why is this happening? Are these practices necessary or even beneficial? In this post, we will be exploring the controversial subject of Ghanian pastor washing female believers.

Pastor Wash Female Believers ( the Public )

The general public had a lot to say about what happened at the crossover night service, and as expected, there were two camps: those who were appalled by the pastor’s actions and those who thought it was appropriate.

The “appalled” camp were particularly vocal on social media. They argued that the pastor should not be allowed to continue with his services. Citing it as an act of sexual abuse and objectification of women. Others argued that even if the pastor meant well, this practice was inappropriate and disrespectful to people’s religious beliefs.

Pastor Wash female believers

The second camp felt that although the practice may have seemed strange from an Western perspective, it is part of some Ghanian religious customs and therefore should be respected. Many argued that it was a ritual for washing away sins and starting afresh in the new year.

Opinion ( Pastor Wash Female Believers )

This shocking practice of Ghanian pastors washing female believers at their ‘crossover night’ services is not only a violation of human rights, but also a violation of faith. Religion was meant to bring us together and connect us to our higher power, to whatever degree we choose to express it. But with this kind of ritual, it’s clear that it’s becoming a tool of control and manipulation.

We must call out this abusive behavior when we see it, and hold our faith-based institutions responsible for the well-being of the people they represent. Together, we must take a stand against any intent that serves to objectify and victimize the vulnerable. We must recognize and honor the human dignity of every person, regardless of gender, age, race, or faith, so that we can leave the world in a better place for the generations to come.

Title – Ghanian Pastor Wash Female Believers

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