Lockwood & Co. S1 Trailer – Coming Soon On Netflix

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• Lockwood & Co. Netflix – Coming January 27

• Morven Christie

This is a new YA Series (Young Adult) on the novel written by Jonathan Stroud.

• Horror • Mystery • Adventure • Action • Drama • Thriller

Lockwood & Co. – Netflix

This series revolves around a trio of two teenage boys and a physically gifted girl who are destined to solve mystery’s that will change the course of the future for certain.


Lockwood Season one. 1 – 8 episodes


• Lucy Caryle as Ruby Stokes

• Antony Lockwood as Cameroon Chapman

• Bobby Vernon as Paddy Holland

• Geroge Karim as Ali Hadji-Heshmati


Executive producers Nira Park

Rachael Prior

Joe Cornish

Location London

Official Trailer

Credit: Netflix twitter

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