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Legendary Colonel Mustafa Spotted Working In A Mjengo (Video)

ByBrian Omondi

May 4, 2023
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Legendary Colonel Mustafa Spotted Working In A Mjengo – The singer’s unusual activity in a construction project, captured on video, has caused speculations and raised questions.

There are varying opinions among Kenyans regarding the rapper’s financial status, with some suggesting that he may be experiencing financial difficulties, while others argue that the situation may be part of his music video concept.

Legendary Colonel Mustafa Spotted Working In A Mjengo

A footage capturing the iconic vocalist Colonel Mustafa in a construction zone has sparked a buzz. Daudi Mustapha, also known as Colonel Mustapha, can be seen toiling with rocks on a work site.

Numerous Kenyans were left pondering the events that led up to the short video clip, while a segment of the population called for an end to the hostility towards previous celebrities.

Some individuals believe it’s wrong to ridicule his assumed lifestyle, while others with a more optimistic outlook speculate if he’s working towards constructing his own dwelling.

The well-known musician revealed in 2022 that he had been struggling with depression following his departure from the Nairobi Diaries TV show.

Last year, during an interview on the Trend, the musician acknowledged that times were challenging, leading him to withdraw from social media and step away from his music for a while.

He announced, I’m finally returning to music after a five-year hiatus. A couple of years after my departure from ‘Nairobi Diaries’, I faced depression and everything took a turn for the worse.

Check Out Some Of The Comments

@graycesamoei:At least he’s putting food on the table

@jackpess2:No condition is permanent guys… Kama nakumatt ili hisha.. Wachneni jamaa achape job

@sospeternyabola:nwewe Huna kazi..if the guy is hustling…Acha achape kazii

@user4092332243624:this is actually Mustapha’s 5th house if am not wrong you mean if I have a car I shouldn’t drive it myself coz I will be called an uber driver 😂😂😂

@martolove5:the dude is building his own house..

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Legendary Colonel Mustafa Spotted Working In A Mjengo

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