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Manhunt For A Serial Fraudster

ByBrian Omondi

Apr 12, 2023
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Authorities in Mombasa are currently pursuing an overseas manhunt for a serial fraudster who has carried out scams across cities like Melbourne, Australia, Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi in Kenya. A worldwide search has been undertaken to locate the suspect.

On March 8, 2023, Naivas Limited was swindled by a man who goes by various aliases, such as Don Solomon, Mukisa Okello, Tony Taban Suleiman Malish, Yee, and Big Papa. He deposited a cheque of Sh599,950 that bounced and deceitfully procured 10 units of 55-inch television sets from Naivas Mwembe Tayari branch. The fraudulent millionaire is currently on the run and sought after by authorities.

Manhunt For Serial Fraudster

At approximately the same time, an individual who was suspected of being a citizen of South Sudan unlawfully acquired an array of steel rods from Bayfair Hardware located in Bombolulu, Mombasa. The merchandise was valued at Sh842,000 and the individual utilized a phony check in the same amount to make the purchase via the hardware store’s bank account. Afterward, some of the stolen steel was discovered at Mulolongo and an individual was arrested and charged in accordance with case number CR 345/56/2023 at Shanzu Law Courts.

The individual who was previously charged for forgery and illegal presence in the country is now facing additional allegations of evading payment after enjoying the amenities of high-end hotels within the city. In a specific instance at a luxurious establishment situated along Chiromo Road, the fugitive evaded payment of a Sh1.045 million bill despite spending a number of days at the opulent venue.

It is alleged that Big Papa, a person known for living a lavish lifestyle, presented a TV show host from Uganda with a stylish car as a gift. However, it was later revealed that the car had been stolen from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Ugandan authorities had seized it. Big Papa is currently under investigation for fraud and other similar crimes committed in several banks located in Victoria State’s capital city of Melbourne, Australia.

Reports cite that the wandering individual has settled within the bounds of Mirema Drive in Roysambu, and has successfully escaped two police operations so far.

Manhunt For A Serial Fraudster

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