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Man Shows Up To Propose Rihanna (Arrested)

ByBrian Omondi

Mar 24, 2023
Man shows up to propose Rihanna
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• Man Shows up to propose Rihanna – An individual arrived at Rihanna’s residence with the intention of proposing marriage, resulting in significant police involvement.

According to TMZ, individuals in charge of enforcing the law have stated that a man arrived at Rihanna’s residence on Thursday after traveling from South Carolina. Upon his arrival, the pop star’s security team greeted him promptly.


According to insiders, the gentleman professed that he was present to propose to the vocalist, prompting Rihanna’s crew to immediately alert the police. Upon their arrival, law enforcement swiftly restrained the individual, transferred him into a vehicle, and engaged in a thorough discussion regarding his motives.

Man Shows Up To Propose Rihanna

The man sporting a red Nike hoodie was found to not have infringed any laws, however, he was requested to depart and instructed against revisiting the place.

Man Shows Up To Propose Rihanna

Credit to backgrid and tmz

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