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Lorry Crashes In Migori, Seven People Killed

ByBrian Omondi

Apr 8, 2023
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• Lorry Crashes in Migori.

• Seven People Feared Dead.

• Three People Rushed To Hospital.

The collision of a lorry carrying rice en route to Isebania with brake failure resulted in the demise of seven people, the driver included, in Migori.

While travelling through the Migori – Isebania road, the driver of a lorry lost control and began honking at the Chamkombe area to indicate brake failure. As per witnesses, the lorry eventually struck numerous individuals in the bustling town, resulting in three people being in a critical state.

Lorry crashes in migori

According to reports from our source, River Migori was the site of a tragic incident in which two individuals were struck by a vehicle. The witnesses stated that despite efforts to rescue the victims, access to the river was impossible at the time, and their attempts were unsuccessful.

The inadequate parking space management by the Migori County government was identified as the root cause, with the road being too narrow and requiring structural improvements to prevent similar occurrences in the future, according to their blame.

Mark Wanjala, the police commander of Migori County, has verified the occurrence of the incident and has reported that the investigation process has already been initiated to determine the reason behind the accident.

Lorry Crashes in Migori.

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