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Kenyan Govt Unable to Pay Civil Servants On Time

ByGeff Mwangemi

Apr 9, 2023
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Kenyan Govt Unable to Pay Civil Servants On Time. It is now clear that the Kenyan Government is struggling financially than ever before in history since independence in 1963.  As many of Kenyans are aware, the Kenyan Government has a huge external debt. However, many Kenyans do not know that the Government of Kenta equally has a huge internal debt that is currently pressuring the Treasury.

Kenyan Govt Unable to Pay Civil Servants On Time. Photo above shows Treasury budget Briefcase. Photo courtesy.

Yesterday on his twitter handle the Chairman of the President’s Economic Advisory council, David Ndii, took Kenyans by surprise after revealing that there are many internal debts whose maturity due dates have reached and need to be paid urgently before anything else.

Majority of Kenyans would then pose the question, what is internal debt? Internal debt refers to debts that are taken from the public and institutions within Kenyan territory. In lay man’s language, these are borrowings by the government of Kenya from the local investors.

Now from this understanding, David Ndii argued that the Government had prioritized servicing these debts at the expense of paying civil servants. This has not been well received by Kenyans as many government officials continue to raise fears and concerns due to delayed salaries during hard economic times. More News Twitter Unverified Dp Rigathi Gachagua “Hajalipa Token”

Furthermore, devolution funds have been delayed thus affecting county government operations and as of yesterday some counties such has Bungoma had not paid some of their workers. However, the Treasury through the cabinet secretary, National Treasury & Economic planning, prof. Njuguna Ndug’u had issued a statement elaborating that the funds will be released before the end of next week.

The main concern raised by David Ndii, is that most of external debts maturity dates had reached and thus 60% of the revenue collected by KRA was channeled to these debts. Read alsoLorry Crashes In Migori, Seven People Killed

Inconclusion, it is important therefore, as a Kenyan to keep in mind that Kenyan government does not only borrow from European countries, it also borrows from the local investors. Therefore, Government is currently struggling in debt repayment which has compromised other government functions. However, we hope that going forward the government will be able to find a balance between the two; some of the proposed mechanisms of mitigating the current situation include; trenching of government officials. Thus, we might see the Government cutting off some staffs to reduce the wage bill.

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