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Kayleigh Scott Trans Attendant dead at 25 In Apparent Suicide

ByBrian Omondi

Mar 23, 2023
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Transgender flight attendant Kayleigh Scott, who shot to fame for starring in a United Airlines advertisement, has passed away in a suspected case of suicide.

On Monday, the young woman of 25 was discovered deceased in her Denver, CO dwelling. It was the same day she published on social media about her intentions to terminate her existence.

Kayleigh Scott
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Kayleigh expressed her regret in an Instagram post as she approached the end of her life. She earnestly apologized to those she had let down and wished she could have done better. She also apologized to her loved ones for not being stronger and to those who had given her their all, acknowledging that she had not reciprocated their efforts.

Numerous anxious supporters left comments on the post, expressing their concerns and announcing their intentions to alert the Denver police for a wellness inspection.

Kayleigh Scott expressed in her post that her departure isn’t a reflection of the individuals named, but rather stems from her own incapacity to improve herself. She addressed specifically Ashley, Cynthia, and Regine.

Ashley verified Kayleigh’s demise on the social media platform by leaving a remark.

Kayleigh Scott Trans Attendant dead at 25
credit : owner

Kayleigh Scott ‘Trans Day’

In a Trans Day of Visibility ad by United Airlines last year, Kayleigh Scott shared her journey towards transition and expressed gratitude towards the airline for their support, marking the moment as an iconic one.An investigation is currently underway by the Denver police department regarding a matter, and the final cause of death will be determined by the official medical examiner of the city.

At the age of 25, Kayleigh had already reached a quarter of a century.

RIP Kayleigh Scott

Source: TMZ


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