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Illegal AK-47 Rifle Recoverd In Garissa

ByBrian Omondi

Apr 8, 2023
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Illegal AK-47 Rifle Recoverd In Garissa County – Daadab Sub-County

Illegal AK-47 Riffle Recovered in Daadab Sub-County, Garissa County, a successful recovery was made earlier today by a security team composed of multiple agencies. The recovery was based on tips received from members of the public and involved the retrieval of a single AK-47 rifle, along with two magazines and forty-two rounds of ammunition. The location where the items were found was in the area of Ifo.

Illegal AK-47 Rifle Recoverd

Amidst the operation, a couple of individuals who were suspected to have engaged in instances of violent robbery, were apprehended.

Both suspects were detained for further proceedings and arraignment.

Illegal AK-47 Rifle Recoverd In Garissa

The NPS expresses its appreciation to the public for providing prompt intel that resulted in the retrieval of the weapons and detention of the perpetrators.

Source: NPS

Illegal AK-47 Rifle Recovered

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