How To Apply For 2022 KCPE Full Scholarship

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• KCPE 2022 Full Scholarship

• Application Deadline

• Wings To fly

Are you a financially disadvantaged student or you know one who scored 350 Marks and above? Here is the good news from Equity Bank.

Wings To Fly

This is a scholarship program to all top performing students with poor backgrounds to secondary schools. It is an initiative of the Equity Group and MasterCard Foundation.

Who Is Eligible

Any student who sat for the 2022 KCPE.

The student MUST have scored 350 Marks and above.

Only financially disadvantaged students.

How To Apply

If you are qualified for all the scholarship requirements, you can visit your nearest Equity Bank Branch with your education documents or you can apply online.

Wings To Fly Registration Form

For online registration click here to get started WINGS TO FLY

Application Deadline

With less than two days remaining, It’s a too little time to all students who scored 350 Marks and above to apply for the scholarship.

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