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Future’s New Album

ByBrian Omondi

May 23, 2023
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Future’s New Album – Future is rumoured to be preparing for his upcoming album titled Dirty Sprite 3, as he continues to dedicate long hours in the recording studio.

Although Pluto hasn’t given his opinion, a buzz was created around DS3 by Freebandz artists and Pluto’s childhood friend Young Scooter and Doe Boy during the weekend.

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Future's New Album

On Monday (May 22), Doe Beezy tried to soothe fans’ high hopes and extinguish the social media inferno with a follow-up tweet that stated, DS3 will not be released in the near future.

Future’s album plans may be uncertain, but he looks set for a jam-packed calendar in 2023. Recently, the Atlanta icon joined Toosii for a rendition of Favorite Song, which he has jokingly referred to as the toxic version of the song.

Toosii disclosed to HipHopDX that he had the opportunity to collaborate with Future on multiple occasions throughout 2022 whilst working together in the studio.

Toosii expressed that spending time in the studio with Future is an opportunity for him to absorb valuable information and wisdom. When questioned about whether he feels intimidated by collaborating with his role models, Toosii replied honestly but with self-assurance.

I didn’t have any other idols growing up except my brother and dad, who were my role models, he said. I idolize the people who are close to me and whom I love. That’s why I never looked up to anyone outside of my family. However, it’s a unique experience being around successful and diligent artists.

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