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Former MP Swarup Mishra linked to Shakahola organ trafficking

ByBrian Omondi

May 14, 2023
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The ongoing inquiry into the Shakahola Massacre has unearthed fresh findings, as more than 190 corpses have been disinterred. Shakahola Organ trafficking

Police report that Mediheal Group of Hospitals owner and former Kesses MP, Swarup Mishra, had regular communications with Pastor Mackenzie, the cult leader, as per their phone records.

It was disclosed by law enforcement officials that autopsies conducted on certain cadavers unearthed from communal burial sites demonstrated the conspicuous absence of key bodily organs such as kidneys, hearts, and livers.

The suspicion of the investigators is aroused from this observation that the culprits may have extracted and traded the organs of the victims.

Throughout its past, Mediheal Group of Hospitals has faced accusations concerning unlawful involvement in organ transplant operations both domestically and abroad.

Shakahola organ trafficking

In 2019, a family claimed that their deceased relative had his kidney removed without permission, which ultimately resulted in his death.

The atrocity known as the Shakahola Massacre holds a place as one of the most heinous offenses ever committed in the annals of Kenya’s past. The role of MP Swarup Mishra and Mediheal Hospital in the illegal trade of organs compounds an already heinous act, adding despicableness and exacerbating an already unjust situation.

We will keep a close eye on this developing story and provide you with further updates as they come to light.

The issue is still under scrutiny by law enforcement, and apprehensions are anticipated in the near future.

Shakahola Organ Trafficking

Source: Cyprian Nyakundi

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