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Flo Rida Son In ICU, Fell From Window

ByBrian Omondi

Apr 1, 2023
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Flo Rida Son In ICU – Flo Rida took to social media to express his gratitude towards everyone who reached out to him with their prayers and worries about his son. At 3:09 PM PT, he confirmed that he was doing well and thanked the people who supported him during the difficult time.

The medical attention he’s receiving is the finest and he has somehow managed to survive an unfortunate plunge. While he’s going through the recovery process, I request that you keep him in your thoughts, however, I would prefer it to be kept confidential.

At 8:11 AM PT, TMZ received an update from Alexis’ attorney, Steven Haddad. Haddad mentioned that Zohar, who fell from a minimum height of 50 feet, has miraculously survived. However, the doctors stated that he will have to learn to walk all over again. Presently, the 6-year-old is in a full-body cast and finds it difficult to move, which is a significant challenge.

Zohar’s discharge date is uncertain as per Haddad’s statement, but his mother Alexis has been a constant presence at the hospital, tending to him daily.

According to TMZ, Zohar, Flo Rida’s son, was taken to the ICU after falling five stories from a window, leading his mother to pursue legal action against the building’s owners.

Our source has gained access to legal documents that reveal the mother of a 6-year-old child named Alexis Adams has filed a lawsuit on Monday. The lawsuit targets different entities that she believes are accountable for her son’s fall from a building situated in Jersey City, New Jersey. The construction company and window installation company are among the defendants named in the lawsuit.
Reports from DailyMail in 2018 state that Flo Rida and Zohar have not met, and there are no records of him being involved in the legal proceedings. The current status of their relationship remains uncertain.

Alexis stated in the documentation that the occurrence took place at the start of March. According to her, the defendants’ lack of care resulted in Zohar’s plummet from the 5th-story window onto the hard concrete pavement below, causing severe harm to him. It is reported that the young child incurred damage to his liver, lungs, feet, pelvis, and suffered internal bleeding.

Wrongly sized guards on the windows are the culprit she’s accusing, as she tells News12 New Jersey. The incident has left her completely devastated and she describes it as a horrific dream.

Alexis is currently pursuing compensation that encompasses covering Zohar’s medical expenses.

flo rida son in ICU

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