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Finally Sauti Sol Addresses Bensoul’s Exit

ByBrian Omondi

Apr 19, 2023
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Finally Sauti Sol Addresses Bensoul’s Exit – Bensoul still has time left with the record label before his departure, according to Bien Aime of Sauti Sol.

In a conversation solely with Nairobi News, Bien stated that Bensoul and Nviiri, who have signed with Sol Generation, will likely depart from the company in the years 2024 and 2025.

He reassured everyone by saying that their record label still held time. He stated that they were like their babies and that they were creating their individual albums before the year ends.

The Sol Generation record label recruited Bensoul and Nviiri to sign up with them exactly four years ago.

Their journey together was an incredible triumph, according to Bien’s account.

For two years now, the group has been dedicating their time towards scouting and finalizing their next talent acquisitions, according to his admission.

Finally Sauti Sol Addresses Bensoul's Exit

The process of identifying and selecting individuals to sign is typically a long and arduous journey. According to him, the team has already spent around two years searching for potential signees, attending their performances and exploring numerous other avenues. Carefully considering each candidate, the team is committed to only signing a select few, rather than simply choosing anyone.

Nviiri and Bensoul, who are mentees of Sol Generation, have been using several platforms to inform their followers of their impending departure.

During a radio interview conducted recently, BenSoul revealed the reasoning behind his departure from the Sol Generation record label.

BenSoul announced that he plans to create his own kingdom entitled ‘Lion of Sudah’ and assured that his departure from Sol Generation will be seamless.

Discovering techniques to achieve a seamless shift towards self-sufficiency and leading my own group has been successful.

After acquiring a vast amount of knowledge at Sol Generation, I sense that I am well-equipped to lead my own empire and prioritize the well-being of fellow artists.

Bensoul expressed, My present state of mind is much improved and I am eagerly looking forward to having my own space. I want to dedicate myself towards enhancing my life, career, and other aspects.

Bien assured that they won’t cling onto her, but they’ll still extend their backing.

It is important for us to maintain a relationship with the individuals we assist, even after their departure from our record company. We do not wish for them to abandon their passion for music entirely, and therefore strive to keep in contact with them.

Finally Sauti Sol Addresses Bensoul’s Exit

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