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Fake Gold Dealers Arrested

ByBrian Omondi

Apr 20, 2023
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Fake Gold Dealers Arrested – Milimani Law Courts arraigned Patrick Ngare, Kelvin Mwaura Ngotho, and Congolese Muke Wa Mansoni Didier yesterday for their involvement in a gold scam valued at Sh65 Million. The suspects were accused of deceiving Iranian national Sadegh Sadeghan by offering to sell him 60 kilograms of gold. Prior to this, Sadegh had been in contact with an individual claiming to be a seller of the valuable metal, named Sadiki Etonga.

Fake Gold Dealers Arrested

Subsequent to striking an arrangement, both parties agreed to put up a deposit of USD 50,000$ before transferring the remaining balance of USD450,000$. Following the agreement, Sadegh was acquainted with three firms that were purportedly capable of bringing about the transaction. Among them was Newline Logistics Limited, under the helm of an unidentified CEO Mark and his accomplice Calvin Ngotho. It was later uncovered that Calvin Ngotho was in fact Kelvin Mwaura Ngotho.

Sadegh enlisted the services of Oriex International Cargo Freight and Royal Ultra Vault Limited to transport a consignment. However, when the agreed delivery date passed without any indication of the consignment’s whereabouts, Sadegh grew suspicious. He sought the help of detectives, who eventually apprehended three suspects. Among the items recovered were a Steyr pistol, 103 rounds of 9mm ammunition, a firearm certificate, and Sh600,000 in cash.

Fake Gold Dealers Arrested

The police also found a valuable metal analyzer from Thermo Scientific and the license plates for a vehicle with the registration KDH 317L with assorted cheque books. Fake gold bars made from crushed padlocks powder were also recovered from the scammers.

Source: DCI

Fake Gold Dealers Arrested

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