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Eric Omondi Arrested On His Way To State House – Maandamano

ByBrian Omondi

Mar 28, 2023
Eric Omondi arrested
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Eric Omondi Arrested! – Today, Eric Omondi was taken into custody when he was seen on his way to Statehouse with the intention of delivering resumes on behalf of the public.

A group of young Kenyans, led by the comedian, made their way towards the statehouse while pulling a heavy cart. Speculation suggests that the cart was filled with CVS products labeled as Statehouse express CVS.

Eric Omondi arrested

En route to their intended location, the authorities apprehended him and he is presently located at the Central Police station.

The famous humorist who is now actively involved in social issues asked his followers to collect a bag of cornmeal before his scheduled protests today.

During the middle of February, the well-known comic was apprehended for his involvement in a situation where he tried to forcefully enter Parliament with a crowd of bare-chested, muscular males all clad in black shorts.

After pleading not guilty to involvement in acreditn illegal gathering, Omondi was granted release on a cash bond of Sh10,000.

To address speculation that he had been influenced by a political figure, he conducted a private interview to clarify certain matters and offer insights on future plans.

He persisted in stating his readiness to battle on behalf of those who are grappling with fundamental necessities, housing expenses, and joblessness.

Eric’s previous encounters with the law have been due to various circumstances.

In November 2021, for the purpose of advocating for an increase in locally produced content on media stations, he was apprehended for forcefully entering Parliament buildings.

According to his assertion, native artists were losing their hold on the airwaves due to the popularity of foreign music and movies.

Title – Eric Omondi Arrested , on his way to state house as he tries to take resumes of the unemployed Kenyan youths in Nairobi.

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