Earth Could Collide With Asteroid On Valentine’s Day 2046

Asteroid approaching earth
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The solar system is teeming with asteroids, ranging in the millions, however, only a rare segment has been identified to have the potential to collide with Earth. Surprisingly, experts have recently discovered a new asteroid that is believed to be one of the most dangerous ones yet. This alarming news has alerted the scientific community and sparked concerns about the safety of our planet.

On the 26th of February, the European Space Agency announced the detection of a newly discovered asteroid, dubbed as 2023 DW. Its emergence caused quite a stir among astronomers globally, and it was immediately added to the agency’s Risk List. This catalog is dedicated to significant space objects that could pose a threat of collision with Earth, and due to the object’s characteristics, 2023 DW has been assigned the topmost rank on the list. Even though it is not yet determined if this asteroid will cross paths with our planet, its presence has been deemed significant enough to warrant observation and study by experts in the field.

Asteroid around Earth
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There’s no need for any concern or apprehension, as there’s no indication that any type of detrimental harm is on the horizon.

Upon examining the span of several days, I happened upon a rather disconcerting fact. According to my findings, there exists a mere 1 in 400 likelihood of a catastrophic impact transpiring on February 14, 2046. These statistics are substantiated by JPL’s astute calculations, which surmise that this eventuality is probable in a ratio of 1 out of every 770 cases. Although the possibility is understandably troubling, it is likely to be ultimately circumvented. Nevertheless, I conducted several calculations pertaining to the asteroid’s potential trajectory in the event of an impact. My diligent efforts to analyze this information have been expertly presented in the following visual aid:



— PS (@Piero_Sicoli) March 2, 2023

source – cbs

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