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Real Men Hustle: DNA Defends Colonel Mustafa ‘s Story (Video)

ByBrian Omondi

May 6, 2023
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DNA Defends Colonel Mustafa ‘s Story – To meet their financial responsibilities, men ought to embrace any kind of employment. Former rapper DNA has voiced his support for Colonel Mustafa following the circulation of a video where he was criticized for his job choices.

Colonel was commended for his vigorous effort by DNA.

In a TikTok video, DNA expressed their disagreement with the act of attempting to shame men for their profession.

It’s important to distinguish who your true friends are. And speaking as a male, let me address my fellow gentlemen. It’s better to have genuine friends rather than those who only think about what they can receive from you, he advised regarding requesting financial assistance from acquaintances or the public.

His suggestion was that it would be beneficial for males to address and solve their issues.

Maintain your dignity by fulfilling your rent obligations while residing on this planet. Admittedly, it may pose some challenges, but I’m not suggesting to rely on hand-outs; instead, assume responsibility and work towards salvaging your situation – that’s my viewpoint.

DNA Defends Colonel Mustafa
Colonel Mustafa. Photo courtesy

Colonel my brother watu wako kwa fence, they are saying ni kiki, stori si kiki. At the end of the day bro if these things that are being said are true I wish you well my brother. I pray for you and your family and your mum. At the end bro, all will be well.”

Mustafa, in an interview with Mpasho, addressed the job shaming remarks by revealing that he worked at a construction site to cover his bills. He emphasized that he did it particularly for his mother, who has cancer and requires costly treatment.

According to DNA, all occupations possess worth and significance.

Reject the idea of playing games to boost your status. It’s common for people to gossip and speculate about others’ financial activities, but don’t fall into that trap. In fact, being humble may lead you to greatness.

DNA elaborated, The key is to acquire knowledge about money. This knowledge requires investing and losing money, as that is how the game is played, understand? My pals, always be proud of your hard work, and never, under any circumstances, denigrate it.

Focus on your own hustle, don’t compare yourself to others, he advised. I have tremendous respect for individuals like Colonel who work hard for their livelihood instead of resorting to theft or relying on others to alleviate their troubles, he added.

DNA Defends Colonel Mustafa ‘s Story

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