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ByBrian Omondi

Apr 28, 2023
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DISPOSED HIS GIRLFRIEND’S REMAINS IN A SUITCASE – The case of a deceased young woman, whose corpse was discovered hidden in a suitcase and discarded in Ruiru, Kiambu County on April 18, 2023, has been facilitated by detectives who have secured vital CCTV footage.

The tenants of Mitikenda in Gatongora area of Ruiru stumbled upon the corpse of Ryspa Ndunge at the entrance of a rented building. This news prompted detectives to instantly commence an inquiry into the distressing occurrence.

Just five months prior, the cashier at a bustling nyama choma restaurant situated on the Eastern bypass at Kamakis had started cohabitating with his partner, 28-year-old Morris Njuguna, who was a chef at that very same establishment, before his tragic passing.

The nature of their responsibilities caused the man to typically return home prior to 10pm, whereas the deceased would regularly be delivered to their residence in the early morning hours around 3am.


Morris was displeased with the situation. He had doubts about the claimed task of balancing the day’s sales and suspected that the time spent was dedicated to questionable activities.

Their young marriage was plagued with constant disagreements, and on April 17, 2023, a heated argument escalated into a physical altercation resulting in the death of the victim who arrived home after 3am.

The suspect followed his normal routine and departed from his house to go to his job on the morning in question. He informed his coworkers that the deceased individual had resigned from her position and that they would soon vacate their residence for an unknown location.

In the evening, the perpetrator returned to the residence with a bag that they had purchased earlier that day. Using the sack as a covering, they proceeded to transfer the corpse of the victim into a suitcase designated for travel.


The person proceeded to transport the inert body of the victim while masquerading it as a piece of luggage. Upon reaching a distance of one kilometre, the individual discarded the body at the entrance of a rental building, then departed on foot. Detectives were able to procure surveillance footage that portrayed the perpetrator carrying the suitcase at approximately 9:35 in the evening, prior to abandoning it.

The landlord of the building located near the spot where Ryspa’s body was disposed reported the alarming finding to the Gatongora police station. This was documented under O/B number 25/18/4/2023.

After 3 days, Morris was apprehended by detectives from DCI Ruiru in connection with the case. Witnesses were interviewed by the investigators to gather statements. Alongside Morris, Francis Chege, a 32-year-old resident of Mukuyu in Murang’a County, was also arrested after being found with the victim’s phone. While Francis is related to the primary suspect, he stated that Morris gave him the phone.

Detectives were guided to the shop of the main suspect where he made the purchase of the sack that was utilized in concealing the suitcase that contained the dead body.

Investigations are being concluded by detectives with regards to an extremely gruesome murder, after which Morris Njuguna has been detained. Once completed, he will be charged with murder according to section 203 and section 204 of the penal code.


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