Crocodile Thieves: An Unsuccessful Heist in Malindi

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When six people decided to sneak onto a crocodile farm in Malindi, Kenya, they thought they were being clever. Little did they know, their plan was about to backfire — and hard.

A heist bust in the making, the crooks were caught after trying to escape with a full-grown Nile crocodile from Mamba Crocodile Farm. This crime is one for the books!

If you’re ready for a wild story of crime and punishment, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll share all the ins and outs of this brazen—but ultimately unsuccessful—crocodile heist and dive deeper into what led these criminals to this moment.

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What Happened in the Malindi Crocodile Heist?

What happens when six people go on a mission to steal a crocodile from a farm in Malindi? That’s exactly what happened recently at Mamba crocodile farm—six people were arrested for attempting to break in and steal the 5-year-old croc at dawn.

As Marko, the farm owner, told authorities, he heard suspicious movements outside his property and quickly raised the alarm. Unbeknownst to him, the six thieves had arrived to make an unscheduled visit to his farm. Little did they know that their plan would be quickly thwarted by law enforcement who was called in due to Marko’s suspicions.

The brave decision by Marko certainly paid off: law enforcement were able to swoop in and immediately apprehend the perpetrators at the scene, foiling their plans of taking away his beloved reptile. Afterward, it was revealed that they were trying to transport it away illegally on a motorcycle!

Who Were the Six People Arrested?

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You’d expect a typical heist to involve a gang of misfits, but not this case. Of the six people arrested, three were Marko’s employees who had worked at the Mamba crocodile farm for more than five years. They were apparently disgruntled and had hatched a plan to steal the crocodile from the farm.

The other three people arrested were three men from outside Malindi sub-county who had supplied the equipment and funds for the operation. They had promised to pay Marko’s employees handsomely if they managed to successfully steal the crocodile and smuggle it out of town. Fortunately,the police got wind of their plan and managed to take them into custody before anything happened.

What Evidence Was Used to Make the Arrests?

The six people were arrested after villagers heard Marko’s shouts for help from inside the Mamba crocodile farm. After they raced to the scene, they found Marko tied up while the six were busy trying to steal a crocodile. When the police arrived, they collected evidence that was used to make the arrests:

  • The rope and handcuffs used to tie up Marko
  • Footprints near the cage
  • Distributing of food near the cage as bait
  • Tools and flashlights used to break in

The police also took statements from Marko and some of Mamba’s other employees. These accounts helped re-establish what happened on that fateful night and provided further evidence that led to all six being arrested.

Handcuff for crocodile thieves

The Sentence for Crocodile Theft in Malindi

If you ever consider stealing a crocodile from Mamba crocodile farm in Malindi, Kenya, you should know that the punishment is not light. The six people arrested Malindi recently trying to steal a crocodile at the farm, are expected to face severe consequences.

The sentence for stealing a crocodile in Malindi includes:

  • Fines of up to 1.2 million Kenya Shillings (about 11,500 USD)
  • Up to 6 months in prison
  • Probation or community service

It’s clear that this kind of theft is taken seriously by law enforcement—they want to make sure other potential crooks think again before trying the same thing. And if you’re thinking of doing something like this elsewhere in the world, it’s best to take heed of these punishments and think of a different plan!

How Mamba Crocodile Farm Is Protecting Their Property

warned, If you’re planning a crocodile heist of your own, Mamba Crocodile Farm is well prepared to protect their property. The farm had hired extra guards, who were ready and waiting for the attempted thieves. When the thieves arrived in the wee hours of the morning, the security guards were ready and waiting.

The farm also employs other proactive measures to protect against theft:

  1. No public access after 6pm
  2. Motion-activated cameras that detect movement and send out alarms
  3. Extra fencing and barbed wire surrounding the property to prevent climbing attempts
  4. Security guards on patrol at all times
  5. GPS tracking devices on each animal
  6. Intelligent computer-based security systems that identify suspicious activity

Thanks to all these steps taken by Mamba Crocodile Farm, criminals looking to break in will have a difficult task ahead of them – so don’t go planning a heist of your own anytime soon!


The Local Response to the Incident

You probably didn’t know that six people were arrested for attempting to steal a crocodile from Mamba crocodile farm in Malindi. Local residents, who had heard about the incident, quickly mobilized and chased after the theives. Just then, the police arrived and took them to the police station.

The local response to the incident was overwhelming. The community called out what they saw as a serious crime and showed up in full force to support their law enforcement officers. Many people were shocked by the brazen attempt by these would-be crookd and hoped that they would be punished accordingly.

The people of Malindi spoke out with a unified voice, sending a clear message: such behavior will not be tolerated in their community!


Although the idea of stealing a crocodile may seem outrageous, it’s unfortunately all too common. This latest bust is a stark reminder that even against steep odds, people will still attempt to carry out this crime.

With the arrest of these six individuals, the authorities of Malindi and the Mamba Crocodile Farm have sent a strong message to any would-be croc thieves out there: This kind of behavior won’t be tolerated.

By working together, the people of Malindi and the Mamba Crocodile Farm were able to take a stand against illegal poaching and show that justice will be served.

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