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Colonel Mustafa receives Sh600K from Kenyans

ByBrian Omondi

May 7, 2023
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Colonel Mustafa receives Sh600K from Kenyans – Fauz Khalid has led a team of kind-hearted individuals who have collected more than Sh600,000 for rapper Colonel Mustafa and his loved ones as of 9:00 PM on Saturday.

Mustafa’s mobile phone wallet had reached its limit by Saturday night, as Khalid kept providing updates on the funds drive’s progress.

The current amount is Sh600,000 and if you have been unsuccessful in transferring money, it is suggested to attempt the transaction after midnight due to Mustafa’s daily limit being exceeded. By Monday, there will be a pay bill available, Khalid stated, leaving him with nothing to say.

Colonel Mustafa receives Sh600K from Kenyans

Colonel Mustafa and his family received gratitude from the individual who expressed appreciation towards the citizens of Kenya that offered their assistance.

In another post, he expressed gratitude towards all those who extended their support for Colonel Mustafa. He fondly remembered his friend Felix Masi who used to say Angels Everywhere and stated that he can now see angels everywhere on the app. He applauded the efforts of these heroes and wished them blessings.

Mustafa revealed his statement by saying:

Someone posted my number and now it’s spread everywhere. As of now, people can reach me through that number and it’s convenient for them to communicate with me and keep me updated, – original text. A person shared my contact details and it’s gone viral. At present, individuals can contact me through the given number, which is hassle-free and facilitates easy communication to keep me informed, – rewritten text.

As more and more Kenyans connect with the rapper, it is anticipated that the figure will surge.

The tale of Colonel Mustafa brings back memories of my own past. I once hit rock bottom and resorted to voyaging to Gikomba to acquire some gear. Subsequently, I transported the items all the way to Mombasa to sell it to my patrons.

Fauz Khalid exclaimed gratefully that he had a group of faithful companions who purchased his ‘tools’ every week, and as a result, he earned a minimum of Sh30,000 per excursion, making it an impressive monthly income of Sh120,000. His expenses were taken care of, leaving him feeling incredibly blessed and grateful.

Colonel Mustafa receives Sh600K from Kenyans

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