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Brown Mauzo Breaks Up With Vera Sidika

ByBrian Omondi

Apr 18, 2023
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Brown Mauzo Breaks Up With Vera Sidika – There are whispers that Vera Sidika and her husband Brown Mauzo could be on the rocks. This speculation comes after the crooner took the step of deleting all pictures of his partner from his social media and unfollowing her. However, there isn’t total detachment as Mauzo remains connected to their child Asia Brown via Instagram.

At this moment, they are anticipating the arrival of their second child.

In December, Vera Sidika made a public announcement that she is expecting a new addition to her family.

Brown Mauzo Breaks Up With Vera Sidika

Vera announced on Instagram that she discovered her pregnancy when her eldest child, Asia, was four and a half months old.

Furthermore, Vera disclosed that she had to abandon plans to undergo breast augmentation surgery in order to fully embrace the path she’s taking.

In 2020, Vera Sidika crossed paths with Mauzo while being committed to someone else.

In August, while Vera was renovating her beauty salon, they reunited once more in Mombasa.

Despite their abrupt separation, netizens are not giving much weight to the situation as the couple is known for their pursuit of attention through any means necessary.

Brown Mauzo Breaks Up With Vera Sidika

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