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I will Now Lead Azimio’s Protests – Joho

ByBrian Omondi

Apr 21, 2023
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“I will Now Lead Azimio’s Protests” Hassan Joho. On Friday, April 21, an announcement was made by former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho stating his intention to participate actively in the Azimio protests that are anticipated.

Joho had been absent from the political scene since he stepped down from his post, citing health reasons as the cause of his absence.

The ODM deputy party leader conveyed his discontentment with the present exorbitant expenses, accusing the Kenya Kwanza administration of failing to implement adequate measures in place.

He expressed that Azimio cannot tolerate the fact that most citizens cannot afford basic necessities due to the high cost of living. This is a common issue for millions of Kenyans.

Joho affirmed that he still backs Raila Odinga when questioned about their association as Azimio leader.

Azimio's Protests

Joho declared to his supporters in Mombasa on Friday morning that he and Raila share the same values and beliefs. I am a strong supporter of Raila Odinga’s ideology and leadership within our party, he stated as he made his way to the Idd celebrations.

Mombasa natives were cautioned by him that they should brace themselves for upcoming street demonstrations which are expected to be even more intense.

After his supporters mobbed him, he declared, I’ll be in the forefront of the demonstrations while Raila stays behind me.

Raila Odinga put an end to speculations on Sunday, January 8 regarding a disagreement with Joho by clarifying that the deputy chairman of ODM was absent from the country for personal reasons.

He made it clear that Joho had been stayed updated on the status of the demonstrations occurring in their homeland by keeping communication open.

As the Ramadhan celebrations neared, Azimio supporters anticipated further information from Raila Odinga regarding the reestablishment of protests. It was at this time that Joho emerged once again.

On April 13, 2023, Raila Odinga declared that he would reveal when demonstrations will take place across the country irrespective of the ongoing negotiations with President Ruto.

Once Ramadhan is over, I shall declare the resumption of nationwide mass demonstrations, Raila promised, emphasizing that discussions would occur parallel to the protests, he clarified.

“I will Now Lead Azimio’s Protests ” Ali Hassan Joho.

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