Azimio Mass Demonstrations In Kondele -Raila’s supporters Kisumu

Azimio mass demonstrations
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As a response to Raila Odinga’s request to organize azimio mass demonstrations, the residents of Kisumu county massively gathered to voice out their demands. The crowd marched along the Kisumu-Kakamega highway in Kondele, tirelessly shouting out slogans against the government. The atmosphere was tense as they expressed their fervent desire for change and improvement of their living conditions. The number of participants was overwhelming and this action demonstrated a significant level of dissatisfaction and anger towards the current state of affairs. The people of Kisumu had spoken, and their voices were not to be ignored.

Azimio mass demonstrations
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As the sun beat down on the pavement, a group of passionate individuals gathered together to raise their voices for a cause they fervently believed in. They joined in unison to belt out protest songs aimed at deploring the actions of the ruling government with unwavering conviction. Their banners held high, displaying slogans of readiness for the 20th planned Demonstration such as “Kondele Mapema Ndio Best” and “Lower The Cost Of Living for All”. The crowd, whose numbers swelled for kilometers upon kilometers along the highway, brought traffic to a standstill as they walked in unison. A unifying force to be reckoned with, their resounding chants echoed long after they had passed.

At the present time, in the town of Kisumu, law enforcement officials had to resort to using teargas in order to scatter individuals who were gathered for a protest.

A multitude of demonstrators took to the streets, some mounted on motorcycles, others brandishing signs emblazoned with slogans against the government.

The demonstrations in Kisumu saw the active participation of various influential members of the local community. Amongst those present were Kisumu deputy governor Mathew’s Owili, Kisumu county assembly speaker Elisha Oraro, and MCAs Seth Kanga (Market Milimani), Ben Adega (Kajulu) and Joachim Oketch (Kondele). These individuals played an integral role in voicing the concerns and grievances of the protestors, with their presence highlighting the significance of the demonstrations within the larger community.




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