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Demos Will Begin At Central Park From 6am – Raila

ByBrian Omondi

May 1, 2023
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Azimio Demonstrations Tuesday – The scheduled mass protests that will take place on Tuesday will commence at 6 o’clock in the morning, according to Azimio’s head Raila Odinga.

His announcement detailed that protestors will gather at Central Park before proceeding to the IEBC headquarters at Anniversary Towers, the Office of the President at Harambee House, as well as the National Treasury and Public Service Commission building to deliver their petitions.

Raila announced that they will be holding a peaceful and unarmed march, exercising their right under Article 37 of the Constitution. This provision allows them to assemble, demonstrate, picket, and petition public authorities.

It is advised not to visit the streets as there are no established businesses and it is unlikely that anyone will be present to offer protection tomorrow.

Despite government warnings, Raila emphasized their right to stage demonstrations, emphasizing that the Constitution remains valid.

Azimio Demonstrations Tuesday

Azimio Demonstrations

Raila has reiterated his commitment to non-violent demonstrations, calming government and police concerns regarding the possibility of disorder and aggression during the protests.

Raila stated that it was forbidden for anyone to possess any sort of weapon, and it was equally important that no one disrupts another person’s private affairs.

The police have announced that the planned demonstration is unauthorized due to the potential for violence, disorder, and property damage.

In a statement released on Monday, Deputy Inspector General of Police Noor Gabow declared that the planned demonstration or assembly is in violation of the law. Furthermore, he reiterated their previous disapproval of any violent protests or assaults on law enforcement officers who are carrying out their duties, stated Gabow.

Over the weekend, the authorities cautioned the Azimio from trying to enter the Central Business District on Tuesday, and they reiterated this message recently.

According to Gabow, the Azimio demonstrations have been marked by various criminal acts such as arson, theft, vandalism, harm inflicted upon law enforcement personnel and even fatalities.

Raila remarked that it was contradictory of the police to assume that violence would occur on Tuesday beforehand.

He said that such actions lead to dictatorship and involve the temporary halt of the Constitution. Our response will be one of resistance, was his statement.

The Northlands farm and East Africa Spectre Limited had recently encountered violence which according to Raila, was caused by the police and hired individuals.

On Tuesday, Raila made a pledge that there would be no destruction of property.

He stated that their community was instructed to act peacefully and would refrain from approaching any individual’s asset. They have no intention of visiting any markets or stores.

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